IMA Commissioned and Featured Artists at CityWay

Nick Walker

Graffiti murals From London, England. Exterior doors across from the entrance of the parking garage for the Alexander View Artist Website.

Nina Katchadourian

Heartland , 2012 Topiary , 2012 from the series, Seat Assignment (2010 to present) "Maps were the first things I started working with as an artist. My early maps were dissections of paper road maps that I made by using an exacto knife and cutting away all the land, leaving only the roads. The web-...

Paul Villinski

Anthem , 2012 From New York, NY. View Artist Website .

Sonya Clark

Madam C.J. Walker II , 2012 Born shortly after the end of slavery, Madam C. J. Walker is said to be one of our nation‟s first self-made women millionaires. In 1910, Walker moved to Indianapolis and made it the headquarters for her bourgeoning beauty empire, best known for its hair care products...

Anna Lee Chalos-McAleese

From Terre Haute, IN. View Artist Website .


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