Home For The Holidays: 3 Festive Decorations For Your Apartment

December 18th, 2014 by CityWay

Holiday songs are slowly starting to take over the radio and holiday movies are a regular in TV line-ups, which can only mean one thing – the holiday season has arrived! With festive cheer all around, it’s important to make sure that your Indianapolis apartment is equally as excited for the season. Take a look at these simple, yet creative, decorations that will fit perfectly with your existing apartment décor.




Wreaths. A wreath may seem old fashioned, but it is a sleek and stylish piece that can be added to a door, a wall, or above a fireplace. Whether you wish to make your own wreath, or purchase one from the store, your wreath will surely be festive. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, and can be easily added and removed with the season. 


Mason Jar Candles. Spruce up a counter top or fireplace mantle with these easy to make candle jars. Adding garland with hints of red from cherries or poinsettias would make these adorable table toppers look increasingly festive, rustic, and chic. Simply spray the mason jars with silver or white to give a more winter-like appeal, and add a few marbles, some water, and a floating candle for added ambiance. 

String Light Wall Tree. It is no surprise that when you see a string of lights, you think of the holidays. Building a string light wall tree is simple and fun to do, not to mention full of customizable possibilities. Whether you want to attach ornaments, drawings, or pictures, this wall tree is stylish, fun, and festive. This is a perfect DIY holiday idea for someone who doesn’t want a life-size tree in their apartment – or for couples with children!

Decorating your apartment for the holidays should be simple and fun! Avoid the hassle of big expenses or messes and add pieces to your collection that you can continue to bring out for years and years to come. What are some of your favorite holiday decorations? 

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