Life. Style.

You won’t find the same-old. Or suburbia. Or stipulations. Instead, you’ll stare downtown Indianapolis square in the face. You’ll encounter culture and creativity daily. You’ll kick commuting to the curb. You’ll live, work and play the CityWay. With all-new, smart, healthy and chic apartment living.

Here, a planned state-of-the-art YMCA will serve as your neighbor. Greenways guide your path. Morning shade contrasts with the lights of bright nightspots. Walking and biking do most of the driving. Dining out becomes an adventure in choice. And life is simply better. It’s the CityWay of life. 

We invite you to come and visit. Or take your time and read on for more information and images focused on the best luxury apartments for rent in downtown Indianapolis. At CityWay.

Click here to check availability, get pricing, or apply online to live at Residences at CityWay.

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